About us

Arcom is an innovative company that has reinvented the classic bow tie. Derived from a collaboration of creative and tasteful minds, the bow tie is an accessory created for a daring new generation of men set to express themselves with originality and flair.

The total idea was created in China. Looking to fill a void in men’s accessories we developed hand crafted bow ties that enabled to fuse old school craftsmanship with modern style. The efforts resulted in an innovative and superior product that established wood as a new and distinctive material in the fashion industry.

The bow ties are made from a variety of rare and exotic pieces of hardwood. We are planning to use sourced throughout the world, product materials include African Zebrawood, Peruvian Walnut, South American Bocote, Canary and more. A range of diverse patterns such as argyle, plaid, polka dot, and more are laser etched into the wood making them both increasingly unique and attractive. Each bow tie also incorporates an array of fine fabrics resulting in a truly special accessory.

We also make wood rings and bracelets. Every wood ring is covered with a transparent, waterproof finish that is safe for daily skin contact and protects the wood from water and harsh or abrasive substances and surfaces. Maintaining the finish is essential to the ring’s good condition. If the finish is compromised, moisture can creep in, creating damage from the inside, out. When the finish is maintained, our rings and bracelets can last for many years.

Please contact us in any case and create your own style with us!